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:star:Notes and Comments!:star:
  • I RARELY reply to my deviantart notes. Unfortunately I can't disable them.
  • I'm grateful for every comment and I do read them but I only reply sometimes. Many messages come to me through DA and replying can be overwhelming. I choose not to stress over it.

:star:My Art and Concepts:star:
  • My art, characters and stories are for my use alone and should not be taken from my gallery or edited. They are not available for purchase.
  • I do love to use mythology in my work, but many times I make up mythologies of my own!
  • My characters and concepts are fictional. They come from my imagination. All characters and events are make-believe, and should be regarded as such. In other words, take all my bull honky with a grain of salt. It's fake y'all.
  • I don't currently have any open species.
  • I don't have a webcomic (yet, maybe someday).
  • Sometimes I store art. My reasons vary, but they are mine and mine alone.

:star:Gift Art:star:
  • If you want to draw gift art of my OCs, I'm totally cool with that. I do have a few preferences, though.
  • No nudity or explicit art. I don't mind blood and violence, but I prefer not to see my OCs naked.
  • Please remember to credit me for the character or concept depicted, somewhere easy to find.
  • I generally reblog gifts, but this is case by case! I don't always reblog.
  • There is ALWAYS a chance that I could drop my current story material and work on something completely new, and the reasons would be mine and mine alone. I think it's only fair that others know that if they're going to spend hours on a gift or fanart. If you're okay with that, go for it!

:star:Commissions, Projects, Requests, etc:star:
  • I am not currently interested in any comic or group projects, kickstarters or contests. Link
  • Looking for my Furcadia patches? View this link before asking, Link
  • Commissions FAQ: Link
  • Generally I am not open for art trades, but you can try. I may not reply.
  • I don't do requests, though I am known to shoot gift art in random directions.
  • Please don't ask me to plug or signal boost another user's contest, commissions, artwork, etc. I cannot feature or research every request, and sometimes they flood in.
I pulled these from recent tumblr posts. I'll arrange a proper FAQ somewhere down the line but not today. Hold off on questions for now, if you would!

Do you have any characters based on real people?
Kampekhannus asks, Do you have any characters based on anyone you know/met or seen in passing irl? Has anyone you haven't met (like a celebrity) ever inspired you to create a character?

To start with, naw. I don’t have any characters based on real people.

The only one that comes to mind that I think had inspiration directly from a real person was Gin, who is very ‘Vincent Price’, but that’s a stretch, and a celebrity. I draw inspiration mostly from things I like. Subjects, animals, tropes, etc. And cartoons. SO MUCH CARTOONS. Fictional characters tend to inspire more fictional characters, and I definitely have a couple who started with Wreck it Ralph and evolved into their own thing (Jim and Li, believe it or not, started with Ralph). You can see how different those two characters are from their source of inspiration.

Sometimes I see an article of clothing or something that catches my eye and I think ‘HMM, I could build on that’, but even then I don’t use exactly what inspired me. I like to go my own road! If my characters have any ‘reality’ in them I think it’s mostly pieces of me and my interests, but still pretty distant.

I’ve never met any Gales, Hermans or Jackys in person, though Laura swears she saw Gale at an Olive Garden in Florida.

What inspires you to draw?
givemepaperandpen asks, What is the thing that inspires you the most to write/draw? I mean like what is it that excites and inspires you? Other art? Other works? etc

I like seeing what the characters are up to, how they interact, etc. If it weren’t for OCs I’m not sure if I’d be as interested in making art, it’s all about putting them to paper and bringing what they’re experiencing to light. I like making pretty shapes and composition too, but I seem to spend most of my time just appreciating that my OCs can entertain me with their adventures while I'm doing something hum drum like cleaning.
I take inspiration from whatever entertains me. Lots of mythology! History, nature, etc. I think mythology excites me most. I can't see a good myth and not want that in my story. Researching for characters often opens possibilities up for a lot of other creations.

Was changing to digital art difficult?
adjutantninox asks, You paint at the pc, right? Was the change difficult? I try someimes, but its muuuch easier for me to use the classic pencil :/

It was tricky at first. I think it started when I realized I could make money faster doing digital icons, so I used that to practice doing lineart and get a feel for it. I had already been coloring digitally for a long time. Learning to draw digitally is just a matter of learning to draw comfortably with a tablet, which is crazy frustrating at first but gets easier.

Why 'Greekceltic'?
pixie-blogs asks, Why did you choose this name? :3

At the time I was heavily reading ancient European history and my favorite subjects were the Greeks and Celts. I still find them interesting, so the name has stayed relevant to me.

What part of the body do you start sketching with first?
kittybumbum asks, When sketching, what part of the body do you usually start with first?

Definitely the head, but as I've advanced as an artist drawing usually starts with a fullbody gesture before I move onto detailing. I’ve usually roughed the entire figure out, even if it just in stick lines, before I start drawing eyes and noses.

Ever considered doing a mini-comic series?
byzantine-gangsters asks, Have you ever considered doing a mini comic series? Like the panels you’ve been doing but more consistent(if that’s the right word…)?

I’d like to! Something. Someday. Casual seems to be the best thing for me. I don’t think I would dedicate the time to a complete webcomic (which takes as much time as a day job, and years), which is why I’ve been so willing to share the details, and often spoilers of their story on tumblr. A mini-comic would be doable, I think. What I’ve done up to this point has been practice with scenes I’m not even sure belong in the story!
A shorter answer would be yes, but I'm not sure when or what story or to what completeness.

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taleofamonkey Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  New member Professional Digital Artist
thanks for the fav!! wow u have some really nice artwork on ur page!! *_*
katstories Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014
OMG!  What is this?! 
I don't know, but it's beautiful, simply beautiful.
I now love a boy named Herman.
Kium Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014   Digital Artist
Your gallery is absolutely gorgeous! I love your linework and sense of movement. 
Xerina Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014  Professional Digital Artist

I've been following you for a while (wait...that is for tumblr right?) and I love your Jackie-Herman comics!! I love the flow of your drawings, your character's expressions are awesome and the gestuality of the drawings! and I was wondering if you have any advice or tips to help practice that (I bet you've had this question repeated to you like thousand of times hahaha). 

Anyways I love your work! I have a blast reading the comics!
Herman rockz btw!
GreekCeltic Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014
THank you very much! <3

Honestly I think I learn the most from hanging out with and observing other artists. There aren't many artists in my area, so I picked up a habit of hanging out in streams and tinychat. If you're still online to catch this while the chat is active, you could come doodle with us in doodleden, or just chat and observer. Here's a little info post,…

That aside, sometimes I like to draw stills from Disney/anime and figure draw to loosen up my lines and poses. It makes me feel more free to experiment. I'm not as afraid to squash and stretch lines.
Xerina Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014  Professional Digital Artist

Thanks so much for the advices!! It's really nice of you. Loved the animations drawing tips =3! Also thanks for the invite =) (saw it late though D: ), but  I'll definitely check out the doodle chats.

Thanks again and love your work =)!
GreekCeltic Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014
I'm going to open it again in a moment I think, hopefully you'll catch us this round!
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BlackTailwolf Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I absolutely love your style and art <3 Your Shydogs are fantastic! <3
GreekCeltic Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014
Thank you! <3
Mangonaid Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Your figures and anatomy are so fresh. Have you studied anatomy or is it something you've figured out by yourself?
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