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Identity Stamp by GreekCeltic Identity Stamp by GreekCeltic
Stop leaving comments on my front page. They are disabled for a reason. If you have any doubts about how I feel about the word 'furry' or it's uses. Read below.

Let me start with this is NOT a stamp intended to bash furries or to say anything negative about the fandom. Unfortunately there will be viewers who feel it does, but I've done as much as I feel is reasonable to make it a fair, gentle statement. It is only about fifteen or twenty minutes worth of work and I've posted it because there's an old version in my old gallery that I don't like as much as I used to. I think the wording on this stamp is better.

I am a furry by definition. Because one of the many definitions of a furry is someone who draws them self as an animal or draws anthromorphic creatures. That is a point that could be argued, but that's my personal opinion.

However I don't identify as a furry or part of the fandom because I'm not very drawn to it. I don't feel interested in it or participate enough to make me feel like I'm a part of it.
I could say the same thing about myself as a farmer. I own cattle, I have fed cattle, I have farmed, but I don't identify as a farmer (Currently) because I'm not very involved.

I could say the same thing about my love of Hellboy and Batman. I am a fan, but I'm a very uninvolved fan.

So, you could argue that I should also have a stamp that says I don't consider myself a farmer or a Batman fan. The difference for me is no one ever asks if I'm a farmer or a Batman fan. It's not something I find myself frequently explaining. My relationship with the furry fandom IS something I find myself frequently explaining, and sometimes to other people who don't understand how I feel.

Hopefully, this stamp and this description will answer the question for me and anyone else who feels the same way.

PLEASE don't use this stamp or comments as a forum to discuss what is and what isn't furry. There are other places for that and if it starts I'll be forced to hide or disable comments. I don't want to do that. Not everyone is going to understand or agree, that is life, I don't want my gallery to be a forum for discussion about any of life's ongoing debates.
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January 5, 2011
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