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Link me to them here.
It's a bit late in the month but I'm doin' it. I miss seeing these floating around DA! They make me feel festive, and sometimes I like to browse/drop random gift art. I'm determined not to let the Holidays fly by this year.

:star:Write ten holiday wishes.:star:
Lets be realistic, no one is going to send you a new computer, but they might stop by with a llama badge and well-wishes!

PLZ Wicket No 02 1. A mute button for this cat.
PLZ Wicket No 05 2. More lights! I put some on my porch. There aren't many of them, but I'm hoping it will help encourage more people on our street to decorate next year.
PLZ Wicket No 08 3. More Samurai Jack. Not more episodes, I know that's not happening, but I'd sure like to see it more often than just Saturday nights on Adult Swim.
PLZ Wicket No 07 4. SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. Or sleet. FOG. Wet precipitation of any kind.
PLZ Wicket No 02 5. Candy cane. ;; I left all mine hanging on the porch and then it rained and now they're kind of festively slimy. It was a terrible idea.
PLZ Wicket No 05 6. I wanna kick 2015 in the butt. No, really. I've allowed myself to accrue some miserable habits in the last few years and I'm changing my tactics in 2015.
PLZ Wicket No 08 7. To finish all art trades/just general things that I owe, no matter how old. (Gonna have to hunt some folks down to get updated info, since that's a big part of the delay).
PLZ Wicket No 07 8. More Whatayarn (Herman/Jacky) draw suggestions. I know I have a fugton, but I can just never have enough.
PLZ Wicket No 02 9. ART. Especially Whatayarn (not explicit). If there's any art I haven't already favorited/commented on please let me know. I am forgetful and may have seen it but forgotten to reply.
PLZ Wicket No 05 10. I want to wish y'all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and I hope next year is a good one for all of you. 

Make a list!
Check this tumblr thread for my code as well as the codes of others, reblog with yours if you like!…

My secret base code for Alpha Sapphire. Feel free to visit!

You will eventually meet a blonde haired man in a hat that will tell you about secret bases and establish your first base, you really can’t miss him. When he does, access the computer, use the QR code option to share or find other bases.

I'm currently playing Pokemon AlphaSapphire. If anyone wants to register me as a friend that's cool, as long as you follow this simple rule! Remember I am just a human meatbag. I may forget to register you or overlook game requests so I can go on playing undisturbed!

0189 9340 6238

There's my number. 
My bud :devwolfy-: is selling a few adoptables, and they're pretty fun to look at!
(I'm so tempted to buy the dragon myself, but I already have a steam engine train monster I can add plastic cat ears to so the role is filled ;; )

Iron Lung by Wolfy-T 
Axehandle Hound by Wolfy-T

ADOPT ME: Winged Seal by Wolfy-T

You should read each description before attempting to buy, but here's the best part of the adoptables (in my opinion),

- You get full rights to this character. No really.
- Draw it, write about it, roleplay with it, commission others to draw pictures of it, use it as a fursona!
- Feel free to change the colors / give it a solid sex or gender!
- You can resell it in the future. I'd LIKE it to be resold for the same price you bought it for, but what can I do?
- You can even pretend you made it if you roll that way.
-You get the full res flat image as a PNG."

You don't see many adoptables that come with that much freedom!
This does NOT affect my current paid commissions.

I'm thinking of raising my sketch prices by about five dollars for a single character. I need to create more income from my commissions, I'd also like a little more for the time that I've been putting into them.

Messy sketch of a single character ($20)
+$10 per additional character.

To have a sketch colored, double the amount.

Having sketches of multiple characters colored would start to look pretty pricey, but a single character sketch I think remains affordable for folks who know what they want.

I'm not yet decided on what I want to do, this requires some thought!
:iconlilleahwest: is trying to adopt out some foster cats that haven't yet found permanent homes.

These cats are free to a good home and good with other cats and dogs! Click the image and see Lilleah's deviation description for more information. I am not adopting out these cats myself, just trying to give them a signal boost so they have a better chance finding a good home.

Also Free to good home by LilleahWest Pearl

Mama cat still needs a Home! by LilleahWest Momma cat

Cat for Adoption by LilleahWest Cuddles

Adopt me... Please by LilleahWest Captain Hook (not sure what his specifics are on other cats and dogs, but you could always ask Lilleah.)
This does NOT apply to my current customers.

Commissions may be my soul income soon and I'm considering raising my prices. I don't anticipate raising them more than about five dollars, but I wanted to give a little bit of a heads up! 
I pulled these from recent tumblr posts. I'll arrange a proper FAQ somewhere down the line but not today. Hold off on questions for now, if you would!

Do you have any characters based on real people?
Kampekhannus asks, Do you have any characters based on anyone you know/met or seen in passing irl? Has anyone you haven't met (like a celebrity) ever inspired you to create a character?

To start with, naw. I don’t have any characters based on real people.

The only one that comes to mind that I think had inspiration directly from a real person was Gin, who is very ‘Vincent Price’, but that’s a stretch, and a celebrity. I draw inspiration mostly from things I like. Subjects, animals, tropes, etc. And cartoons. SO MUCH CARTOONS. Fictional characters tend to inspire more fictional characters, and I definitely have a couple who started with Wreck it Ralph and evolved into their own thing (Jim and Li, believe it or not, started with Ralph). You can see how different those two characters are from their source of inspiration.

Sometimes I see an article of clothing or something that catches my eye and I think ‘HMM, I could build on that’, but even then I don’t use exactly what inspired me. I like to go my own road! If my characters have any ‘reality’ in them I think it’s mostly pieces of me and my interests, but still pretty distant.

I’ve never met any Gales, Hermans or Jackys in person, though Laura swears she saw Gale at an Olive Garden in Florida.

What inspires you to draw?
givemepaperandpen asks, What is the thing that inspires you the most to write/draw? I mean like what is it that excites and inspires you? Other art? Other works? etc

I like seeing what the characters are up to, how they interact, etc. If it weren’t for OCs I’m not sure if I’d be as interested in making art, it’s all about putting them to paper and bringing what they’re experiencing to light. I like making pretty shapes and composition too, but I seem to spend most of my time just appreciating that my OCs can entertain me with their adventures while I'm doing something hum drum like cleaning.
I take inspiration from whatever entertains me. Lots of mythology! History, nature, etc. I think mythology excites me most. I can't see a good myth and not want that in my story. Researching for characters often opens possibilities up for a lot of other creations.

Was changing to digital art difficult?
adjutantninox asks, You paint at the pc, right? Was the change difficult? I try someimes, but its muuuch easier for me to use the classic pencil :/

It was tricky at first. I think it started when I realized I could make money faster doing digital icons, so I used that to practice doing lineart and get a feel for it. I had already been coloring digitally for a long time. Learning to draw digitally is just a matter of learning to draw comfortably with a tablet, which is crazy frustrating at first but gets easier.

Why 'Greekceltic'?
pixie-blogs asks, Why did you choose this name? :3

At the time I was heavily reading ancient European history and my favorite subjects were the Greeks and Celts. I still find them interesting, so the name has stayed relevant to me.

What part of the body do you start sketching with first?
kittybumbum asks, When sketching, what part of the body do you usually start with first?

Definitely the head, but as I've advanced as an artist drawing usually starts with a fullbody gesture before I move onto detailing. I’ve usually roughed the entire figure out, even if it just in stick lines, before I start drawing eyes and noses.

Ever considered doing a mini-comic series?
byzantine-gangsters asks, Have you ever considered doing a mini comic series? Like the panels you’ve been doing but more consistent(if that’s the right word…)?

I’d like to! Something. Someday. Casual seems to be the best thing for me. I don’t think I would dedicate the time to a complete webcomic (which takes as much time as a day job, and years), which is why I’ve been so willing to share the details, and often spoilers of their story on tumblr. A mini-comic would be doable, I think. What I’ve done up to this point has been practice with scenes I’m not even sure belong in the story!
A shorter answer would be yes, but I'm not sure when or what story or to what completeness.

Coming soon!
Just a heads up if there's old comments/whatever that you want a chance to save first.

I'm purging because so much of it is outdated information or just not relevant.
Just a little update. I'm changing the terminology for the little orbs the cats use to change shape from stars to 'Sparks' or 'Ripples'.

Consider both words a place holder until I decide on something permanent. It might be confusing for a while, but I'll try to keep things updated.

I have my reasons.
Someday I'm going to take some of my lazy art and draw skeletons over the characters just to see how badly I BSed the anatomy.

I'm not saying my art is bad, I don't think it is, and I know that's a big taboo among artists, but sometimes you gotta step back and laugh at your areas that need improvement. And there ain't nothin' wrong with that.
I took several hours to think hard and decided that the best thing to do is have two accounts that are unrelated. I'll announce the other account at a later date. I can develop the other material simultaneously with this material and it will more available to me if/when I need it.

I'm not sure what the future holds but for now I can't cope with just being alone with my thoughts and don't feel I have any choice but to fall back into old habits and keep drawing. I'm stuck in a loop. I'm sorry for my behavior. I'm just doing what I can and trying to heal. This is a scary, confusing situation for me.
*Edited out
I added a few updates to my patch FAQ, nothing earth shaking. I realized today that I've gotten the same question several times from different volunteers but forgot to answer it publicly. I'm really sorry about that. I'm a little absent minded.…

So there's a couple new questions that have been answered. That's pretty much it.

Link me to some fashion and I will maybe draw Jacky, Gale or Herman in something loosely inspired by it. I need some new OC outfits.

I went people watching at walmart to think of new clothes but in hindsight that was in vain unless I’m after tshirts and pajamas.…

All the info you need is on the above link!

It seems :iconpearldragon145: has already given me some points! Hurrah!

I need to renew my DA subscription. I was a dope and let it expire. I only need one month. I can get a full subscription after pay day but I need access to one of its features right now. I could do a messy sketch of an OC for five dollars worth of DA points?</span>