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All the info you need is on the above link!

It seems :iconpearldragon145: has already given me some points! Hurrah!

I need to renew my DA subscription. I was a dope and let it expire. I only need one month. I can get a full subscription after pay day but I need access to one of its features right now. I could do a messy sketch of an OC for five dollars worth of DA points?</span>

<3 Just saying thanks to those that stopped by to wish me a happy birthday today.
It's been a while since I plugged or participated in this group! But I used to participate all the time.

What is Fantasy-Xchange?
Before I link you, lets talk about what Fantasy-Xchange is. If memory serves me, Fantasy-Xchange is a monthly art exchange with a fantasy theme. Types of exchange vary from month to month, sometimes there's a theme, sometimes it's just a sketch or colored round. It changes periodically to keep things fresh.

How does the group define 'fantasy'? Do my characters quality?
Here's a quote of the front page, 

"Bullet; Green We define fantasy as anything that does not exist in the real world. Our definition can include any mythological creature, magical being, original animal species, alien, anthro, and so on. 

Bullet; GreenWe will not allow the following types of characters in our exchange:
-normal humans
-normal animals
But we will ignore this rule if the character lives in a fantasy or supernatural world. 

Bullet; Green We want to see several colored pictures with detailed backgrounds in your gallery. Versatility in drawing is a plus as well (can you draw one species well or are you good at drawing everything?). If you've uploaded a ton of sketches and quicker works to your gallery, please make sure to link us to some of your detailed pictures in your membership request. 

Bullet; Green You will only have a month or two to complete a picture for one of our exchanges. If it takes you longer than a month to complete a colored piece, you might want to hold off on applying."

Read the rules!
Before attempting to participate, please visit the group's rules page.…

Join the group and wait for approval before attempting to participate.
You MUST join before you can participate in the exchanges. There is a quality bar, as most groups have, but it is set reasonably. 


You MUST join the group and await approval before signing up for an exchange, but here is a link to the most recent sign up journal (September round).
Check here for answers to questions I commonly get, 

Not this journal, but there's a blurb on my front page under the possum icon to the right. It has a lot of useful information about art usage, gift art and projects. I'll sort it and add to it as time goes by, but it should be there if you need a quick question answered.
If you enjoy my Herman and Jacky comic drabble but can't figure out how the story progresses, you're not alone. The events of the art I draw are all out of order! I made a loose timeline of whatayarn to help clear up any confusion about what takes place and when,…
I'm going to do this tonight, but if you notice yours is missing and haven't had a chance to save it, let me know so I can unstore it (temporarily if you like, but please specify) so you can save a copy.

I had a little case of art theft today and though most of the art has now been taken down, or is destined to be taken down (or reported), a lot of it was commissioned work. That bothered me a little and made me feel like I had to take action then and there whereas when it's just my own art I might put it off until I feel more up to it. I was already having a bad day and had just gotten to feeling better and I guess that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

If you REQUEST that I leave your art unstored, and promise not to make me pursue copyright claims on it if someone steals it, I'll leave it unstored, but I need you to leave a comment here for me so I know that's what you want. I think I've stored most of it, a few things are left (gift art). I sort of went on a case by case basis on those since no money was involved.

You DON'T have to feel guilty or shy about asking me to unstore your art. I'm only doing this to save myself future stress. If you're okay with the risk (and having to do most of the work getting it taken down yourself) I'm fine with commissions/other art being posted to my gallery.

I stored very nearly everything on my old account because I never log into it to check it anyway.

There's still some stuff on tumblr but I'm not really sure what to do about those since there is no storage option, and reblogs are a thing.
So many nice people and nice comments! I'm grateful for all those. I've had some moments and done/said some things I'm personally ashamed of, but all in all my experience has been pretty positive. I've met some folks and done some art and had the opportunity to interact with many artists of all levels of skill.

I don't have any gripes about Deviantart. It has provided me a free service and a place to drum up interest in commissions for almost 12 years. I've been pretty happy here.
It's that time again! This week's icon is by :iconxilveros: and features Dogdays (Andy)


I think this is the last in the round of icons I invited others to make. I've enjoyed wearing them. XD My page always looks new! I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. I liked them all!
Before I begin,
:iconhetherev: is an art roleplay group. Unfortunately to participate in RP and art challenges, you need to become a member of the group first. The forum is members only, but joining the group only takes a few steps. The group has a quality bar that is set according to the level of skill necessary to complete challenges. (You don't need to be the next Rembrandt, you just need to be able and willing to draw characters in an environment).

With that out of the way, lets get back on topic. Are you looking for RP in Heth? Having trouble finding it? Wondering where all the people are in general? No place exists that you can find everyone at the same time, but there's a couple of gathering zones that do have recurring activity.

- Check the forum (members only). Because the forum was recently moved its activity is a little lower than it used to be right now. That's okay, it will build back up (especially if you new members looking for interaction remember it exists!) The forum is where some of Hetherev's RP takes place. I suspect the rest of it takes place across private messengers, but a good chunk of it happens there.
- Ping MadMeeper or the other listed members about the Skype chat. (members only). A lot of Heth folk like to hang here. It's a good place to get to know some of the other group members.
- You can always check the comments on this journal. No doubt Hetherev folks will reply!
- Looks like KristinTree is looking for other members to play with too,…
It's that time again! Time to swap out icons. This week's icon is by :iconpainted-flamingo:


the winking Wink hahhaha

On Tacimur's advice I emailed a Professor of Egyptology and got a speedy reply. I think I'm chasing something I'm not going to find. Thank you all for your help! I've learned some interesting new things about Egypt and cats in Egypt reading your replies and reading on my own. I appreciate all who stepped forward to help me!

Old message removed.
I had originally intended to renew our previous server but the issues causing many people not to be able to log on couldn't be quickly resolved.

So I bought ANOTHER 30 day server. Anticipating that the update could happen soon.

I will give out the IP and whitelist many, but the server only has 10 active slots at any time.

If there DO happen to be 10 players on, I may restart the server to open slots for myself and other regulars (the folks I originally bought the server to play with).

About the server:
  • 18+ only. No budge. Sorry! I'm more comfortable leaving the server unattended knowing you're all adults.
  • Be respectful. You don't have to love each other, just love the space between you.
  • This server is white-listed. I will have to have your MC name to give you access.
  • Server is on hard mode. Mobs will be kicking your butt on a regular basis.
  • Server is 100% survival mode, except for general maintenance.
  • When you log into the server you should arrive at spawn. A temple has been built there with signs posting rules at its center. Free food and tool dispensers can be found toward the center.
  • The temple should be safe from everything but the occasional spider. It could not be fully enclosed because players tend to spawn on the roof instead of inside it.
  • The server only lasts 30 days (for most of us, that's all we need to get our MC fix).
  • The map may be wiped clean and restarted at any time, without notice. Don't build too big if you're not prepared to lose it.
  • Don't use the server to harass other players. They're there to have fun. Give them their space, don't make them feel crowded.
  • I don't save copies of the map to hand out later. Take screenshots of your build for memories, you'll have to let it go eventually!
Server Ip:

To join the server (get white-listed), confirm that you're old enough and reply with your MC username.
Time for my next icon update!

This week's icon is by :iconkalanse:


Thank you Kalanse! <3 
The problems connecting seem to be an issue with either Multiplay or MC's newest update. I've already submitted a support ticket with Multiplay and supposedly it was fixed, but it seems not to be. It's out of my hands to fix at this point. I think we're just gonna have to wait it out (the server only has nine days left anyway).

Sorry guys!
Do this,

Go to the multiplayer tab as if you were going to add a new server. Delete the current slot for our server.

Create a NEW server (add server) with the same IP.

That's the only fix I know that has worked.

If that still doesn't work, leave me your MC name so I can double check that you're whitelisted (you MUST be 18 or older, no budge).
Time for my next icon feature!


This one is by :iconauroreai: and features Jim. <3 Thank you Auroreai!

Cross posting from tumblr

I’m not sure if I’ve told tumblr or DA what kind of relationship Jacky and Herman are in outright. XD I thought it was obvious, but I can see how it becomes confusing because of how often I draw them kissing. It's especially confusing if the concept of a romantic but not sexual relationship is new to you, and there's plenty of folks out there who would find that new!

I see them as very platonic. I realize for a lot of folks that word is associated with non-romantic relationships, but after looking at the definition a few times I think it’s a fit. Herman and Jacky are romantic, but they’re not sexual. If you’re curious about their supposed kid Andy, the answer is simple, he’s adopted.

They kiss lots but I don’t see kissing as sexual in this context. It’s just cute. And helluva fun to draw, as everything cuddly is.

We're gonna explore a stronghold on minecraft in about thirty minutes. Sooo, 8:20 om Central USA. 

We're also gonna be chatting over skype. So if you have been playing on the current server go ahead and come on and start getting ready so you'll be ready to go when it's time. Meet up at my place. (You can take Teddy's tunnels to get there. I'm the house with a fence within sight of spawn).

You'll want to bring tools, food, and torches. Prepare is if you were going caving alone. Don't take anything you're not willing to lose.

I asked watchers to create an icon for me and promised that I would wear each icon for a minimum of one week. The request window has closed! I'm going to start wearing the icons now. I should have gotten to this sooner, I apologize for taking so long. My mind has been distracted, but that situation seems to be resolved for now.

I'm going to try to wear them in the order that I received them.

This weeks icon is by TheHappy3


I had to crop it a little or the face was too tiny to show D: I hope you don't mind Happy!